The Story 

1100 Years after the great World War 3 the earth was laid into a postnuclear wasteland.
The polar icecaps melted and raised the waterlevels by 1 km thus water covering 95% of the planet. The last survivors was forced into sancturary under water where they could live shielded from the high levels of radiation while planning for leaving the planet in search of a new start.
Now governed by three ideologic factions, the underwater world lies free for personal exploration and exploitation.

 The Game 

Random development screenshot

Hardwater is an underwater RPG game inspired by the great, but now mostly forgotten Hardwar. Since the demise of its creators, Hardwar is now being alive only by dedicated fans, who do an impressive work to build further on this great game.
Hardwater is in spirit a tribute to this game and to all Elite inspired games, but does its own to hold its own unique gameplay experience.

The Hardwater project is based on a few dogmatic rules:
  • Designed for MMORG style gameplay, but is actually running on a more "cozy" scale, where knowing all the world doesnt confine but helps the gameplay experience.
  • Community based. Clans, factions and ideology go hand in hand. Underwater living tends to give rise to funny ideas in peoples heads....
  • Customizable. Hangars and subs are put together by players and reflects the individual player style.
  • Detailed focus on personal development, tinkering and customization than combat for longterm involvement
  • World involvement. A consistant but dynamic world that a player can influence.
  • Economy based on supply and demand.
  • The real use for the graphics is to allow for physics and more customization. Eyecandy is secondary to gameplay.
  • An nerdy excuse for using experimental/exotic technologies such as fusion, supercavitation, sonoluminiscence and sonic weaponry :-)

The game is being developed on its own game engine, ensuring the flexibility to polish every little feature just right.

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