Faction personality modifier Matrix
These are applied in dialogs, combat, and trade scenarios
NameAttitudeField of interest
HammerAgressiveProduction & Mining
BluespanForgivingEcology, fishing & farming
FTANeutralEconomy & trade
FreebootersViolentSmuggling, blackmail & piracy
Since the great refuge, alot of despair and frustration with living within this new enviroment ensured. Feeling confined, pressured and under ocnstant fear of depressurrerizing, many people took extra precaution to avoid "upsetting" the enviroment. (Others went downright insane from the water pressure and soundless depth) Seeing the balance of the surroundings as their ultimate goal and necessety for survival, the GreenSpan society was formed in 2600. By constantly monitoring the ecology and local human activites, the society tries to maintain a harmony with the underwater enviroment above all. Feeding Marine life and nurturing fauna in their near surface domes.

Seeing the refugse only as a temporary solution, many of the greatest scientific minds formed the “horizon foundation”. The ambition: To develop the technology needed to escape tis planet and seek a new start on mars(?) Their immediate resuts did include development of technology needed for adapting human life underwater. In 2677, after centuries of experimental projects in the dedicated “New Hope” lagoon, severeal heads of development admitted failure in achiveing any applicable solution to their monomentous task. Now, the abandoed massive mass driver structures stand as a testemonty of this. In the centuries following this event, the once so commited foundation has been split in two factions that insist on stopping the waste of anymore work on abandoning the planet, and instead focusnig their efforts on the problems at hand. The new “rougue” generation (most often referred to as “cyperpunks”, a term used in the 20th century by information fanatics) has a almost religious approach of science, information and techology. Hacker/informatoon mentality.

Fed up with the heavy ideology of the two other factions, the Hammer organization was set up to concentrate on exploitation of the land. Holding production building and machinery and raw mining as the true way of human welfare, these people sees polltuion and as unavoidable and natural sideeffects of the human machinery. Therefore they have a natural grudge towards the GreenSpan.

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